Amber is the daughter of the protagonist and Crystal and is also the younger sister of Jasper. 


Amber seems to be really scared if you talk to her when the Ook is trespassing your garden, when she, Jasper and Crystal are kidnapped, you'll find her in the water temple, after saving her, she'll say that she was so scared but now that her dad is here, she is happy again. Despite her being scared, she says she can make it to Digitown all by herself. I still seriously wonder how she survived in the sunken water temple... After saving Crystal and Crystal says to rescue the King of Evil. After recusing him and the protagonist says that he only went since Crystal told him to. Amber, along with Jasper, will joke that the protagonist is blushing.

The Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll Edit

Amber is mentioned by a dwarf and only can be obtained via the summoning lab.


Amber is a pink Denpa Men, which means she is probably weak to everything, but can charm enemies, she has a Antenna Root, which'll later grow into a stealth antenna which can make you pass enemies without them noticing you for a limited time.

Appearance Edit

Amber has blushed cheeks, brown hair and of course, black eyes. In her official artwork picture, she is seen wearing a flower on her chest and wearing ballerina shoes.

Amber daughter
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