Some Denpa Men have Antennae protruding from the zenith of their respective heads. These Denpa Men require more experience points to gain levels, but the appropriate antenna power can prove vital in vanquishing an adversary that would otherwise present serious challenge. There are many varieties of antenna, and most antennae have three stages, evolving in accordance with levelling. However, certain skills have only two or one stage(s).

Skills of Antenna PowersEdit

Antennae come in a variety of types. These are capable of:

  1. Using Special Attacks - You use different attacks based on your element
  2. Lifting debuffs - for a single or all of your party members
  3. Adding Buffs - for a single or all of your party members
  4. Recovering Status Ailments
  5. Recovering Health - for a single or all of your party members
  6. Increasing the Drop Rate to 100%
  7. Resurrecting - for a single or all of your party members
  8. Adding Status Effects to Monsters - single or all of the Monsters party

List of Antenna PowersEdit

Here is a list of all antennae with QR code links.

Bonus 1 - Always Treasure (Lv30 root): Wesley, Red/White

Bonus 2 - Double Gold (Lv20 root): Amari, Black

Recovery (Single): Hugo, Green/Red

Recovery (All) : Felipe, White

Revival (Single): Chais, Red/White

Revival (All) (Lv44 root): Lance, Black

Cure Poison/Fatal - Antidote: Alijah, Black

Cure Burn: Felton, Black

Cure Sleep - Awaken: Brendon, Black

Cure Paralysis - Mobilize: Silas, Green

Cure Frozen - Hot Blanket: Lyric, White

Cure Blind - Eyedrops: Deon, Green

Buff - Invincible: Ellis, White

Buff - Excitement (Lv5 root): Khalil, Orange/Blue

Buff Attack (Single) - Rage: Paul, White

Buff Attack (All) - Rage All (Lv4 root): Lenny, Green/Red

Buff Defense (Single) - Wall: Braydon, Red

Buff Defense (All) - Wall All (Lv3 root): Victor, Light-Blue

Buff Speed (Single) - Haste: Reese, Blue/Light-Blue

Buff Speed (All)- Haste All (Lv3 root): Reyes, White

Buff Evasion (Single) - Dodge: Theodore, Light-Blue

Buff Evasion (All) - Dodge All (Lv5 root): Chace, Black

Debuff Poison (1) - Poison: Tyler, Blue/Green

Debuff Poison (2) - Fatal (Lv3 root): Jaxon, White

Debuff Sleep - Lullaby: Sid, Green

Debuff Paralysis - Paralyze: Parker, White

Debuff Blind - Blindfold: Morgan, White

Debuff Attack (Single) - Weaken: Ernest, Black

Debuff Attack (All) - Weaken All (Lv4 root): Jayden, Black

Debuff Defense (Single) - Insult: Camdyn, Black

Debuff Defense (All) - Insult All (Lv7 root): Joe, Black

Debuff Speed (Single) - Chain: Lionel, Black

Debuff Speed (All) - Chain All: Jermaine, Black

Attack Fire (Single): Charlie, Green/Lightblue

Attack Fire (All) (Lv6 root): Landon, Orange/Blue

Attack Water (Single): Daniel, Red/Lightblue

Attack Water (All) (Lv5 root): Calvin, Orange/Blue

Attack Ice (Single): Connor, Green

Attack Ice (All) (Lv5 root): Joey, White

Attack Earth (Single): Brock, White

Attack Earth (All) (Lv5 root): Sal, Orange

Attack Wind (Single): Jose, Orange

Attack Wind (All) (Lv5 root): Blaze, White

Attack Light (Single): Joaquin, White

Attack Light (All): Keaton, White