Exploration Base

Obtaining the Exploration Base

The exploration base is a place in "The Denpa Men 3" which can be used to send Denpa Men you have acquired to certain dungeons, these exclude the caves of darkness and any locations without monsters. This can be done by teleporting or sailing to the exploration base and then speaking to the old dwarf inside. As you use it more, the amount of Denpa Men you can send to dungeons increases, From 2 to 4 and so on until you can send a maximum of 8 Denpa Men to a specific dungeon.

How the Exploration Base worksEdit

To use the exploration base you simply talk to the old Dwarf inside as stated in the previous section. On the next screen it shows you a list of locations available to you and the recommended level for each dungeon. You select the one you would like your Denpa Men to explore and then you will be shown a screen which asks you to select which Denpa Men to go to the selected dungeon. It is best to send Denpa Men which are resistant to the type of dungeon you are sending them to. For example, if you were to select the level 65 dungeon "Shock Temple", it would be wise to select yellow Denpa Men to explore the dungeon, this increases the overall outcome of the exploration.

How this benefits youEdit

Once you have sent Denpa Men to a dungeon, you must wait 24 hours for them to finish exploring. Once this time is up, speak to the old Dwarf again. He will then tell you that they have returned home and will give you all the items and money that the Denpa Men have obtained during this time. The items you receive will be specific to that dungeon. You may then use these items to improve your Denpa Men. Using the Exploration Base is an easy way to earn money and to find rare items without having to physically grind for them yourself and so it is recommended that you use it daily in order to earn lots of money and to receive lots of rare and powerful items.