Flower Mole

Flower Moles in Squelch's Cave


The Flower Mole is a monster defeatable by the lowest of low levels. It is weak to all elemental attacks, and has underwhelming HP. At least, with its happy smile, flower nose and kawaii eyes it is extremely adorable!


Squelch has 2 Flower Mole "minions" that help him out in battle. You meet one of them in the Flower Mole Cave, which becomes the Volcano Village, and this Flower Mole then moves into Squelch's Home. He (She?) holds Squelch in high regard, and tells the player that Squlech had no choice in handing Crystal over to Sleeky Serpent.

Enemy Information (TDM3)Edit

  • Level: 1
  • EXP: 2
  • Gold: 5
  • Location: Squelch's Cave
  • Action: Chases player
  • When Caught: Body Slam (Single, damage)


  • Body Slam (Single, damage)
  • All-Out Attack (Single, damage, multiple monsters)



  • Dandelion Seed (Yellow)
  • Potion (Consumable)


  • Dwarf Print (Body)