Oink Rabbit The Denpa Men

A battle between the player and two Oink Rabbits.

Many monsters and enemies place obstacles in front of the heroes and companions. These antagonists roam the many islands that surround Digitoll. Their appearance and skills range from simple and easy to complex and difficult for the player to defeat.


Like almost every RPG, monsters are designed to attack the enemy. Monsters in The Denpa Men downloadable video game are quite the same. They act similarly like monsters that exist in the Dragon Quest video game: they calmly walk around in the overworld, as if in search of something. However, once they spot the player, an exclamation point will appear above their head and they will charge towards the player. Once the monster touches the player, a battle between the monster and the player will begin.

Groups of MonstersEdit

Ghost Enemies

Ghost enemies cannot be harmed by physical attacks, and must be defeated with an antenna power. If a Denpa Man is equiped with a holy talisman, they can attack a ghost with physical attacks.

Teeth Enemies

Tooth-like monsters are very rare. If you do so happen to spot one, pursuit it before it disappears, as it runs instead of  pursuiting you. If you manage to kill one, you will get loads of experience or gold. If you've played Dragon Quest games, you'll know how annoying Metal Slimes are, and teeth are the Denpa Men equivilant of them. They can be quite the annoyance since, like Metal Slimes, they run away a lot; often on the first turn before you can even attack them!