The PC in The Denpa Men 2

The PC is a structure in The Denpa Men series which is used to read QR codes for different Denpa Men. You may transfer Denpa men across Denpa Men games via the PC and also transfer them from other players if they allow you to do so.

How to use itEdit

In order to use it, one person must select a Denpa Man and click on "QR code". Then, another person must go to the PC and position the camera so that the QR code fits within the box provided. Once ready, you press A and you receive the Denpa Man which you have selected.

The Denpa Men 3Edit

In the Denpa Men 3, you can receive Denpa Men via the PC, however, the acquired Denpa Men can be lost forever if downed in battle. There is, however, another way of acquiring Denpa Men from previous games on The Denpa Men 3. And that is the Summoning Lab. The Summoning Lab also adds buffs to these acquired Denpa Men such as extra HP or extra Speed, and these change depending on whether you get a Denpa Man from The Denpa Men 1 or The Denpa Men 2.