Acquiring the shop on The Denpa Men 1

The Shop is a structure which appears in all of The Denpa Men games. It is used for buying and selling various pieces of equipment and consumable goods with the owner of the shop.

The Denpa MenEdit

In the first of The Denpa Men series, the shop is acquired with parts and is used to buy various goods as well as to sell your own wares.

What the shop sells in The Denpa MenEdit

Item Price Dwarf Description
Offering 65 g Need for calling back Denpa Men you lost.
Potion + 80 g One friend, heal HP good.
Full Potion 200 g One friend, heal HP full.
Potion S 600g All friends, heal HP good.
Revive Potion 200g Revive 1 friend.
Antenna Power 1,200 g One friend, heal AP little bit.
Full Potion S 1,400 g All friends, heal HP full.
Revive Potion S 5,000 g Revive all friends.
Life Earrings + 8,700 g These earrings, lots more HP.
Life Choker + 12,800 g This choker, lots more HP.
Power Bracelet + 7,000 g This bracelet, much stronger.
Power Gauntlet + 11,800 g This gauntlet, much stronger.
Power Essence 28,000 g Sacrifice defence for more strength.
Power Essence + 34,000 g Sacrifice defence for ultimate strength.
Defence Sash + 7,000 g This sash, much defence.
Defence Essence 18,000 g Sacrifice strength for more defence.
Defence Essence + 28,000 g Sacrifice strength for ultimate defence.
Speed Shoes + 6,800 g These shoes, much faster.
Speed Boots + 9,300 g These boots, much faster.
Evade Veil 4,500 g Increase evade 4 levels. Not work on already agile people.
Awakening Ring 750 g Equip this, less chance of sleep status.
Antidote 15 g One friend, cure poison and fatal.
Burn Cream 10 g One friend, cure burn status.
Alarm Clock 10 g One friend, cure sleep status.
Deparalyse 15 g One friend, cure paralysed status.
Hot Drink 15 g One friend, cure frozen status.
Eyewash 10 g One friend, cure blind status.
Holy Water 90 g All friends can fight ghost.
Sedative 10 g One friend, cure excited status.
Refresher 25 g One friend, cancel debuffs.
Teleporter 500 g Can teleport from dungeon to island.
Hypergas 1,200 g All friends get excited.
Holy Talisman 480 g Man who wear this can fight ghost.
Barrier 3,500 g All friends, protected from attacks for while.
Safety Shoes 1,200g Equip this, no take damage from trap floor.
Cash Ring 88,000 g Get fifty percent more money. No extra effect if equip more.
Cash Ring + 168,000 g Get double money. No extra effect if equip more.
Fire Bracelet 1,300 g Equip this, attacks become fire type.
Water Bracelet 1,200 g Equip this, attacks become water type.
Ice Bracelet 1,300 g Equip this, attacks become ice type.
Earth Bracelet 1,200 g Equip this, attacks become earth type.
Wind Bracelet 1,200 g Equip this, attacks become wind type.
Light Bracelet 1,350 g Equip this, attacks become light type.
Damage 2 Bracelet 29,800 g Equip this, deal 2 damage with attack.
Critical Bracelet 49,800 g Equip this, deal more critical hits.
Fire Amulet 1,100 g Equip this, less damage from fire.
Water Amulet 1,100 g Equip this, less damage from water.
Ice Amulet 1,200 g Equip this, less damage from ice.
Earth Amulet 1,100 g Equip this, less damage from earth.
Wind Amulet 1,100 g Equip this, less damage from wind.
Darkness Amulet 1,200 g Equip this, less damage from dark.
Basilisk Ring 1,800 g Equip this, no more poison or fatal status.
Fireproof Ring 1,700 g Equip this, no more burn status.
Insomniac Ring 1,500 g Equip this, no more sleep status.
Shockproof Ring 1,600 g Equip this, no more paralysed status.
Volcano Ring 1,800 g Equip this, no more frozen status.
Vision Ring 1,550 g Equip this, no more blind status.
Mystery Ring 3,300 g Equip this, prevent ailment a bit, except for excited.
Healing Ribbon 19,000 g Equip this, heal a bit of HP during battle.
Healing Scarf 16,700 g Equip this, heal a bit of HP while walking.
Expert Belt 4,500 g This equipment ignore enemy defence.
Life Charm + 5,200 g This charm, lots more HP
Power Wristband + 3,000 g This wristband, much stronger.
Defence Headband + 2,700 g This headband, much defence.
Speed sandals + 3,800 g These sandals, much faster.
Life Necklace 2,700 g Equip this necklace, more HP.
Power Gloves 1,800 g These gloves, more strength.
Defence Belt 1,540 g This belt, more defence.
Speed Boots 3,000 g These boots, more speed.
Life Choker 1,120 Equip this choker, more HP.
Power Gauntlet 990 g This gauntlet, more strength.
Defence Sash 530 g This sash, more defence.
Speed Shoes 2,000 g These shoes, more speed.
Life earrings 680 g Equip these earrings, more HP.
Power Bracelet 590 g This bracelet, more strength
Defence Girdle 380 g This girdle, more defence.
Speed socks 980 g These socks, more speed.
Life Charm 380 g Equip this charm, more HP.
Power Wristband 320 g This wristband, more strength.
Defence Headband 270 g This headband, more defence.
Speed Sandals 330 g These sandals, more speed.
Evade Bandana 900 g Increase evade 1 level. Not work on already agile people.
Antenna Down -1 10 g Equip this, skill become bit weaker.
Antenna Down -2 10 g Equip this, skill become much weaker.
Roller skates 78,000 g Equip this, always escape, except for boss battles.
Waves 17,800 g Soft, brown clothes.
Sunflowers 92,000 g Cheerful sunflower. Good for summer.
Retro Bubbles 37,000 g Lots of colourful dots. Retro colour.
Retro Flowers 37,000 g White, light blue, flowery clothes.
Snow Leopard 23,300 g White leopard pattern. Very rare.
Hearts 31,800 g Card, hearts.
Chains 16,800 g Gray, gold and silver, chain pattern.
Skulls 2,100 g Black and white skulls. ... Bad guy?
Argyle 1,000 g Diamond pattern clothes. Look like jumper.
Retro Red 1,000 g Red and orange clothes. Look warm.
Retro Squares 1,000 g Lots of squares.
Honeycomb 1,000 g Honeycomb pattern. No include honey.
Marine 1,000 g Sailor clothes. Become man of the sea.
Leopard 1,000 g Lovely leopard print.
Botanical 1,000 g White, black shadow, plant.
Flower Crest 1,000 g White pink clothes. Classic design.
Flax-leaf 900g White, gray hemp leaf pattern.
Simple Flower 900 g White indigo tasteful clothes. Look like porcelain bowl.
Zap! 900 g Orange shock pattern.
Drops 900 g Light blue, drop pattern. Diagonal.
Gothic 900 g Blackish, gray clothes.
Crowns 900 g Light blue, yellow, royal clothes.
Forks 900 g Black, silver fork clothes. No knife included.
Blue dots 900 g Light and dark blue dots. Bit colourful.
Chick 800 g Chick clothes.
Lines 800 g White. indigo clothes. Round waves.
Arabesque 800 g Green and white clothes. Nice swirly pattern.
Hexagons 800 g Turtle, shell pattern.
Ladybug 700 g 7 star pattern.
Dragonfly 700 g Red dragonfly clothes. Live near rivers.
Buttons 700 g Big, round buttons.
Dapples 700 g White, black, classic style. Remind of young deer.
Blue sky 600 g White cloud pattern. Fluffy.
Footprints 600 g Lots of footprints clothes. Someone not wipe feet. Not me.
Pawprints 600 g Lots-of-pawprints clothes. Not know what made this.
Football 600 g Football outfit. You like sports?
Purple Plum 500 g Purple, plum blossom clothes.
Pine 500 g Green, pine leaf clothes.
Retro Green 500 g Lots of green. Look bit like forest.
Retro circles 500 g Lots of round fragments.
Stars 400 g Red star pattern.
Crescent 400 g Yellow moon pattern.
Sun 400 g Sun pattern. Probably very bright.
Rainbows 400 g After-rain clothes. Sky.
Tricolour 300 g Diagonal red, blue, white.
Green Checks 300 g Green and white squares.
Checkers 300 g Black and white squares. Tiny, plenty.
Green Tiles 1,250 g Dark green and light green. Square, plenty.
Green Dots 250 g Green and white dots. Suit green guys well.
Black & White Dots 250 g Black and white dots. Plenty.
Stripes 250 g Vertical yellow and white stripes.
Borders 250 g Horizontal blue and white stripes.