Spirit Shrine

Acquiring the Fairy for the Spirit Shrine

The Spirit Shrine is a shrine which appears on all Denpa Men games. It is a place where you can revive lost Denpa Men for the cost of a few gold coins.

How the Spirit Shrine worksEdit

When you enter the Spirit Shrine, it asks you whom you want to retrieve back from their territories, and from there you just select which Denpa Men you wish to get back. You can also go back to the location of which you found the Denpa Men and re-capture them, however by visiting the Spirit Shrine instead, you guarantee that you will get the Denpa Man back and it is a lot quicker.

The FairyEdit

The Fairy appears in all of the Denpa Men games and is obtained after helping the Fairy's from trouble on each of the games. Once acquired, the Fairy can let you retrieve lost Denpa Men for a cheaper price than normal.