This game is the Forth Installment in the series. Yet, it's a Japanese Exclusive.

Story Edit

The opening sounds alike to the opening in The Denpa Men: They Came by Waves The player will encounter the protagonist getting beat up at first, when the denpa men beating him up notice the player, they fly away.

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The protagonist will then say you can see me on your 3ds and stuff like that, After more dialogue that's always been said, the protagonist will take the player to an empty Digitoll. After the protagonist is done explaining stuff, you'll have to talk to a dwarf. He says if you give him something he wants, he'll let you permanently use the boat. He then lets you onto the boat to borrow it. However, the protagonist seems shy about it and then requests that you catch more Denpa Men first. After catching more Denpa Men, the protagonist now allows you to use the boat. After arriving at the first dungeon, it will show something alike how the first game did it. After that, the door behind the protagonist closes. He'll then wonder what it was. Reaching the end of the dungeon will result into finding a cake boss, when the boss gets hit sometimes, he'll spawn a strawberry monster. After defeating the boss, you get some stuff and the treasure the dwarf requested, giving the treasure to him will even result him onto giving you the Right of 6. Onto approaching the first town, the dwarf will ask you to go get something for him. You then make it to a forest looking dungeon. The boss here will be that one tree guy in the denpa men 3 that would look like a tree, (I will edit this when I find out his name) After defeating him, you can give the treasure you found to the other guy. (Since I am not in Japan nor do I have a Japenese 3DS, this is all the info I can find.

What's new? Edit

  • No more antenna tower. In Digitoll, one/some button(s) will let you catch Denpa Men.
  • There is also a phone version of the game.
  • Now all Denpa Men have a voice.
  • You can buy Jewels as Digitoll, which May reward you with a Special Antenna Tower, that you can use to catch one Denpa Men, Per Purchase.
  • You don't sail the sea, you can teleport to the dungeons.
  • There is also more